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COVID 19 - We are here for your care


It has been really hard for us all to see an outbreak in the community and the effects this can have on all our lives. The Ministry of Health has asked that EVERYONE with respiratory symptoms has a COVID swab.

We are currently doing these swabs safely outdoors at our surgery, under cover where necessary. However, it is essential that you phone to arrange a swab as we need to know your symptoms and sort out all the necessary forms before you come. A doctor or nurse will talk to you about your symptoms first. We have swabbing clinics every day or twice a day. There is no charge for the consultation when you have a swab.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are the same as the symptoms of many other respiratory viruses, i.e. fever, sore throat, runny nose, loss of smell, shortness of breath or cough. It is not possible to tell which virus you have on the basis of your symptoms.

The only way to tell if your symptoms are caused by COVID-19 is by swabbing. This is why all people with symptoms should have a swab, then stay away from school or work until they return a negative swab results AND they have been symptom-free for 48 hours.

If someone has symptoms and declines a swab, they need to be off work for at least 10 days from the start of symptoms, and at least 48 hours after their symptoms have resolved.

We do need to notify all people whom we have swabbed with respiratory symptoms to Public Health, so they can let you know the result. It is really important to stay home when sick as this will limit the spread of the virus and its damage to our lives and our economy.

Please be kind and stay home if you are sick, and keep your children home if they are sick. Contact us to arrange a swab if you have symptoms, or if you have any other questions. And use your COVID tracer app or a diary – you never know when someone infected may have crossed paths with you.

From the team at Mission Bay Doctors

Our aim is to provide the highest possible standard of primary health care for all our patients. As well as managing your day to day health problems we work proactively and with you to keep you well.

Phone, Fax and Email

Phone (09) 521 1120

Email admin@mbdrs.co.nz

For Prescriptions nurse@mbdrs.co.nz

Fax (09) 521 1132

EDI: mssnbydr

10 Marau Crescent, Mission Bay, Auckland 1071

P O Box 55009, Eastridge, Auckland 1146


Monday 08:00 - 18:00

Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00

Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00

Thursday 08:00 - 17:30

Friday 08:00 - 17:00


Receptionists available to take calls from 7:30am on each workday.


We have a nurse available via phone 24 hours a day for medical advice.

At Mission Bay Doctors we have easy, convenient off street Parking and have good wheelchair access. If you need assistance, please let us know at the time of making your appointment.

Get your medical stuff online

Mission Bay Doctors loves technology, we have partnered with Indici to offer our patients a comprehensive online experience. Book online 24 hours a day, get access to your results and have the very best medical recalls systems with us.

We offer comprehensive quality healthcare

If you are a new patient to this practice, welcome. Our aim is to provide the highest possible standard of primary health care for all our patients.

Our Nurses work closely with the GPs to provide comprehensive care including:

  • Immunisations
  • Wound management
  • Cryotherapy for warts and other skin lesions
  • Chronic Disease Management and Care Plans
  • ECGs
  • Lung function testing
  • IV antibiotics (as indicated), iron infusions and zolendronate infusions for bones
  • Contraceptive advice

Our doctors provide comprehensive medical care including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of health conditions
  • Preventive care and general check ups
  • Travel advice
  • Initial antenatal care and referral to lead maternity carer (LMC)
  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Children’s health
  • Sexual health
  • Skin checks
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Contraceptive advice

Hand-crafted with Detail

We all at Mission Bay Doctors take looking after you seriously; we aim to provide everyone with up to date personalised healthcare.

On time

Like most doctors we are often busy but we always strive to keep to time, sometimes this doesn't go as planned and we apologise if we're running late. To keep you informed we try to contact you if we are very delayed but if you are on a tight timeframe it's great to call and check.


A standard 15 minute appointment can be made anytime online or by calling reception on (09) 521 1120. You will need to call if you need a longer appointment (for example, if you have several issues you would like to discuss) and please let the receptionist know at the time of booking.

We're great communicators

We spend many hours each week making sure we let you know the tests that are coming up to help keep you well.

Satisfied & Happy Clients

Our recent customer survey showed 92% of our clients were 'very satisfied' with our service.

We're Online

Get your healthcare online with us conveniently 24 hours a day.

Your health is really important to us at Mission Bay Doctors, we work hard to help you be the healthiest you can. We decided to put together some resources to help with common problems. These are often simple things, but they are medically proven.

MBDRS Quick Links

Summer 2019 - Our latest Newsletter

Gardisal - Your protection against HPC & Related Cancers

We work hard to put together information to help keep you and your family healthy.

For Our Young Familes

Keeping well and hydrated in Gastroenteritis

Simple Effective Wart Treatments

Kids Head Injuries & Return to Sport

For Those Keeping Healthy

The Mediterranean Diet - Proven to reduce heart attack and stroke risk by up to 30% in high risk individuals

Cholesterol ... What is it, and how to keep it controlled.

HbA1c - The way we now look at sugars and diabetes.

Exercise - Reduces all causes of mortality (dying) by 30% and more ...

Meet The Team

All our GPs are Members or Fellows of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. They combine their medical practices with family commitments as well as other medical commitments, and therefore work part time. This means you may need to see a different doctor sometimes though we try to accommodate your wishes.

Roger Garfield

Dr Frances McClure


Dr Frances McClure has been working as a GP at Mission Bay Doctors since 1980 and is a Fellow of the Royal NZ College of General Practice. "I love the ongoing nature of primary care from young families to older people. For light relief I like cutting out skin lesions. I work one day a week in medicines safety – check out www.saferx.co.nz. My GP husband and I have 5 children and plant trees & veges at Great Barrier Island. I love making and eating food but luckily I enjoy walking as well."

Roger Garfield

Dr Jamie Shepherd


Dr Jamie Shepherd is one of the owners of Mission Bay Doctors. Canadian born, grew up in Brisbane and trained at Otago University. "I spent 5 years in London training under the Royal College of Surgeons in emergency medicine and after returning to NZ I completed my fellowship in general practice. I am married with 3 awesome children aged 8, 6 and 4. A Royal college educator and examiner I also have a special interest in families, injury management and skin medicine"

Roger Garfield

Dr Caroline Wang


Blenheim born, educated in Wellington and a graduate of Auckland University School of Medicine, Dr Caroline Wang has been a GP for over 20 years. "Initially drawn to hospital medicine, I now happily combine my GP career with marriage to a paediatrician and raising a family. Having worked in Brisbane and in different areas of Auckland, I have been with Mission Bay Doctors since 2007. My special interests are women's and child health and travel medicine and I love caring for families across the generations."

Vicki Mount

Dr Vicki Mount


Originally from rural Waikato, Vicki has celebrated two university graduations. A science and commerce degree led to 10 years of working in Public Health. This experience inspired Vicki to study medicine. After finishing her second degree, she completed a Diploma of Paediatrics and is currently working on her Masters of Public Health qualification, focussing on meningococcal disease. Vicki also works at the Goodfellow Unit, Auckland’s leading provider of General Practitioner education. Vicki is married and lives locally. She enjoys running, reading, and learning new dance moves from her two daughters.

Roger Garfield

Dr Josie Rishworth


Dr Josie Rishworth grew up in Auckland and has completed two bachelor degrees in Science and Medicine as well as post graduate study in Paediatrics and Women's Health. Getting to know a patient’s story and placing illness within a whole person context is what she loves about general practice. Josie returns to Auckland to be closer to family and is looking forward to working with the Mission Bay families and whānau. In her spare time she enjoys snow sports, learning Italian and is keen to improve her Te Reo with classes here in Tāmaki.

Our Fees

Enrolled Patients NZ Resident Casual Patient
Standard Medical Consultations
Children 0 - 13 FREE ! FREE !
14 - 17 Years $37 $80
18 - 24 Years $49 $85
25 - 44 Years $59.50 $95
45 - 64 Years $62.50 $95
65+ $58 $95
ACC Consultations
0 - 13 FREE FREE
14 - 17 Years $37 $37
18 - 24 $49 $49
25 - 44 $59.5 $59.5
45 - 64 $62.5 $62.5
65 + $58 $58
Dressing and Materials $10 Minimum $10 Minimum
Community Services Card Holders (CSC)
0 - 13 FREE FREE
14 - 17 Years $13 N/A
18 + $19 $N/A

Enrolled Patients
Drivers Licence Medical $80
Under 13 Prescriptions - Collected $12.5
Under 13 Prescriptions - Faxed & Posted $12.5
Prescriptions - Collected $25
Prescriptions - Urgent $30
Surgery Costs
Punch Biopsy from $220
Single Mole or Cyst Removal from $420
Complex Mole or Cyst Removal $420 -$500

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

PHOs, enrolment and all that

We are a member of the Procare Primary Health Organisation which means that we receive any government funding available for you on an annual basis (rather than a "per visit" basis). For patients who are enrolled with us, we ask that you try to obtain your health care from us, except after hours. The system encourages this partnership (and provides cheaper doctor and prescription fees for you here.) Some of the information you give us is sent usually without identifiers (securely) to funding agencies; details of what and to whom are available.

Awesome Docs

Frances McClure, Caroline Wang, Jamie Shepherd, Vicki Mount and Josie Rishworth are all Members or Fellows of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners or in training. They combine their medical practices with family commitments as well as other medical commitments, and therefore work part time. This means you may need to see a different doctor sometimes though we try to accommodate your wishes.

Helpful Staff

We are fortunate to have Judith Moyne, Vanessa Harford, Natalie Thomas and Sonya Sapir as our nurses. They are the first port of call for any medical problems you wish to discuss on the phone as the doctors can’t be available for phone calls from patients when consulting.


All the nurses are excellent at assessing and advising on health problems and knowing when a doctor’s appointment will be necessary. Sometimes our recall nurse may send you reminders. We try to limit these reminders to problems that really need follow up or checks shown to keep people well so if you get one, please try and act on it, or phone if you think the test has already been done.


The nurses can deal with many things that do not require a doctor’s appointment. These include such things as dressing changes, suture removal, blood pressure checks, ear checks including tympanograms for glue ear, and liquid nitrogen use. It is best to book to see them as they are often very busy. There is a list of the costs for these services at reception.

Want to enrol or order a script via email?

Repeat prescription and referral requests can be made to nurse@mbdrs.co.nz

Request an enrolment form - our government requires these to be signed and either scanned and emailed or dropped in before we can enrol you in our practice. Contact the practice manager on 09 521 1120 or email admin@mbdrs.co.nz

You can download the form here, complete it and email to admin@mbdrs.co.nz

This enrolment guide contains all the information regarding health information and privacy regarding our practice

Admin Staff

Susan, Maura, Andrea and Hilary are the first port of call for appointments and queries but for clinical problems will usually refer you on to the nurses.

Our administrator, Andrea, works Tuesday to Friday 8.00am to 1.00pm and can be contacted regarding enrolments and account problems. You can email her at admin@mbdrs.co.nz Our practice manager, Angela, works flexible hours but is usually available on Tuesday to Friday 9.00am to 2.30pm or a message can be left for her to call. She is a good person to contact about complaints and feedback. You can also email her at admin@mbdrs.co.nz


If you have any problems with our fees or queries please feel free to discuss them with your doctor or the practice manager. We do not have an account fee for the first 3 months but beyond this, overdue accounts may be referred to a debt collection agency for recovery of costs from you. We accept major credit cards which you can also use for telephone payments. Should you wish to pay your accounts online our bank account details are: 12-3073-0108243-00. Please let us know if you are having difficulty meeting these costs, as there are ways we can help with this.

We are grateful to hear your complaints or suggestions. If you are unhappy with the way something has been handled, or treatment you have received then we encourage you to discuss it with a doctor or the practice manager. If you find it difficult to bring it up in person please write it down and send it to us. If you mark the envelope “personal” it will be opened only by the addressee. We will try to reply to you promptly.